What has long been common practice for refrigerators and washing machines, is now also practice for buildings in Germany.

Based on the Energy Conservation Act energy efficiency is evaluated.
With an energy certificate energy consumption is documented per square meter and per year.

On the 1st of July 2008 the gradual introduction of energy certificates for residential buildings started.
It has to be presented  to potential buyers or tenants by the owner if it is  requested.

The legislature expects this because of two things: More transparency in the energy quality of buildings and a greater willingness to introduce energy-saving measures.

When will the submission requirements start?

  • For residential buildings built before 1965, the duty begun at the 1st of July 2008

  • For all other residential buildings an identification requirement applies from the 1st of January 2009

  • For non-residential building the deadline was the 1st of July 2009

Energy certification of buildings - Deadlines

  • For residential buildings finished before 1965 energy certifications has to be made available since the 1st of July 2008

  • For non-residental-buildings the deadline was the 1st of July 2009

Energy certification of buildings - Costs

  • Regarding the costs of establishing an energy performance certificate no government intervention exists. The price is negotiated freely between the companies and clients and it depends on the type of building type and size of the building.

Download energy certificate as PDF-file